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  • Driving in Cornwall – dump the SatNav!

    Date: 2011.03.04 | Category: Cornwall, Family Man, holidays, South West England | Response: 0

    Is it just me or does the car Sat Nav system deliberately set out to add to my stress when driving with a full car (family and luggage) and towing our caravan? And, what is it with Cornwall in the South West of England that makes the use of a Sat Nav so completely and utterly pointless?

    I was pondering these questions on last year’s summer holiday.  On our way to Newquay the SatNav spent a great part of the journey telling me I was actually driving through fields.  Now I may be a bit of a townie but I can assure you that I can tell the difference between tarmac and pasture!

    The SatNav could be slightly excused because maybe I should have paid out for newer maps (although it is only a couple of years old and why should we be conned in to constantly paying out for something it should update for free) but there is no such excuse for it when it took us the fastest route to Newquay airport via 4 different routes even though we left from the same place.  However, that was nothing to the route it took us next – when the road got smaller and smaller until it was better described as a path.

    By this point we had lost confidence completely in its ability to get us anywhere.  Which is a problem when you are on a caravan touring holiday.  After all you rely on the SatNav a great deal with your caravan on the back to help the journey go smoothly, but when you are suddenly thrust back into pre SatNav days how do you cope??

    Er, well not well actually.  It is amazing how quick you can fall back in to those map reading arguments -driver demands for instant direction decisions and navigator panic followed by refusal to work under such streesful conditions!

    Our learning from last year’s trip to the South West:

    • Update the satNav maps
    • Plan your route using an internet route planner and write down the basic route
    • Make sure you have an up to date map book in the car for those all else fails situations
  • Family fun at the National Stud, Newmarket, Suffolk, East Anglia

    Date: 2011.02.26 | Category: Been there, Cottages, Family Man, Holiday Parks, holidays, Latest News, Review 5 star | Response: 0

    Whilst holidaying in East Anglia we were looking for something to do on a family day out and we came across the National Stud at Newmarket… what a great find it was for all the family!

    The National Stud is, not surprisingly, to be found just outside the town of Newmarket in Suffolk – the home of horse racing in the UK. It is easily reached by car with plenty of parking but don’t be fooled by the automatic electronic gates which are closed until you approach by car – we almost turned away thinking it was closed.  And, according to several of our tourist leaflets, the tours weren’t available until mid March when we arrived in February, so we were pleased to find that they were very much open.

    Set in acres upon acres of land (over 500 acres), the National Stud is big business with some of the resident stallions being worth over £10 million and owners paying anything from £10,000 to £60,000 to bring their mares for a visit.  On the tour, which is about 75 minuntes, you get to see the Stallion Unit which included Bahamian Bounty and Cockney Rebel, seen from a respectful distance as they are not keen on people. You also see the Foaling Unit and get to see lots of mares and foals up close in the Nursery Yards and paddocks. And, it’s not often your children can say they have stroked a Grand National winner… the 2004 winner Amberleigh House is a very friendly horse that the family will love meeting.

    The tour is one of the most informative and interesting we have been on, giving you a fascinating insight in to the world of racing and breeding and was thoroughly enjoyed by all the family. The price was £20 for a family ticket which was excellent value. It was a relatively sunny February day when we were there and, as much of it is outside, we would recommend going on a day when it is not raining.  Find out more about the Tour>

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