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  • Great Holiday Reads – The Final Reckoning by Sam Bourne

    Date: 2010.09.23 | Category: Book reviews, Holiday reading | Response: 0

    Described by the Daily Express as ‘compulsive reading’ and as ‘gripping’ by the Guardian, this Sam Bourne novel had a lot to live up to before I had even started reading.  However it doesn’t fail to deliver in another fast paced book full of intrigue, twists and turns, mixing real events in to a great story line.

    Set in the modern day Tome Byrne, a former idealist United Nations lawyer, is asked to help out the UN in placating the family of a harmless old man accidentally shot by security staff. However, there is more to this old man than you would expect including membership of a secret brotherhood responsible for unexplained deaths across the World.  As Tom tries to get to unlock the secrets he is pursued by those prepared to kill to keep the secrets safe.

    This was an enjoyable read mixed with sadness over the real World War II events that underpinned the story.

  • Great holiday reading – True Blue by David Baldacci

    Date: 2010.09.01 | Category: Holiday reading | Response: 0

    We are huge David Baldacci fans, having read and delighted in ALL of his previous books, so it was with great excitement and anticipation that we started on his latest blockbuster this summer.

    And, we are pleased to say, that it didn’t disappoint. Although built around brand new characters compared to his previous books… the lead character – Mace Perry a maverick cop – has you on her side quickly and after that it is a fast paced race for justice.

    Brief overview of the plot: Mace, a Washington DC cop is framed for a crime losing everything… career, freedom etc. After 2 years she is free and determined to prove her innocence to get back to her beloved police force.

    Roy Kingman, a young DC lawyer, discovers a dead body in a fridge and his life quickly becomes entangled with Mace as they enter unexpected and dangerous territory while trying to solve the crime and stay alive.  There are twists and turns a plenty through to its dramatic finale.


    A real page turner.  If you have read a Baldacci before you will love it, if you haven’t then this is a great place to start.

    Have you read this, what did you think?  Read other Baldacci books or got some other great summer reads… why not tell us about it?

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