• Flying with Children doesn’t have to be a pain

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    Before you take off, let the kids burn off some energy. Get them to walk as opposed to carrying them around the airport. Show them the planes, and when you board, take them to see the cockpit and meet the pilot if you can. It also doesn’t hurt to allow them to stay up a little past their bedtime the night before; this way they may actually nap on the plane. If you’re travelling with a baby in a push chair, keep it until the last possible moment. Then if your flight is delayed, your child will have a place to sleep.
    While in flight, make sure children are comfortable and occupied. Prepare them for the experience by describing what they can expect to feel (turbulence, ear-popping, etc.) and let them know that it is normal. Many airlines offer something special for the kids, full of games, puzzles, activities and short stories to occupy their in-flight time. If the flight attendant doesn’t volunteer anything, ask. Many wise parents opt to bring their own.

    If your child is anxious about flying, there is a great book called “How to Fly For Kids” which explains what your child can expect to experience, like the “G” force and turbulence, in a very UN-scary way. It is a good idea to carry some boiled sweets with you to suck during takeoff, landing and turbulence; apart from the swallowing helping with the ear popping, it can help to take their mind off the situation.

    There are some fantastic places to stay that will not cost the earth, and they don’t have to be the typical ‘package holiday’ in a hotel. Ever thought of staying in a mobile home or villa in Italy?

    Have a look at Pra Delle Torri, Caorle, Adriatic Coast.

    Pra Delle Torri, CaorleSituated on the Northern Coast of the Adriatic, between Venice and Trieste, enjoy a great family holiday at Pra Delle Torri in Italy. The pool complex at Prá Delle Torri is definitely one of the most spectacular in Europe, with a first class array of swimming pools, waterslides and children’s pools. There’s also direct access to a compact beach with all kinds of water sports on offer, as well as an 18 hole golf course that offers a 40% reduction on green fees. The quaint Venetian style fishing town of Caorle with its attractive centre is nearby, while the popular resort of Jesolo is just half an hour’s drive away.

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